Last Update : 30 Mar 2023

Message from Vice Principal

Jitendra Kumar - Vice Principal Jitendra Kumar
Vice Principal
Anupama Medical Training Institute
Successful and happy individuals build a successful nation. But what is it that aids success? Achievement of goals and fulfillment of your mission to lead a happy and contented life. That strong foundation is none other than good education .because in education lies the biggest service to the individual, to the nation and to the humanity. With students fired with determination to excel, a competent and dedicated faculty & meticulously designed curriculum and optimum infrastructure. The Anupama Medical Training Institute is working towards growth in order to be a reckoning force in world of education The young and promising students of our country are most welcome to our institute. we are dedicated to carve students with emerging challenges of life and profession.
We assume that the students of our Anupama Medical Training Institute of the Paramedical Science Management would undertake the training brilliantly, they are also equipped with the education of social values simultaneously at our institution. We are fully confident that besides rendering services to humanity during service tenure they would also prove worthy and co–operative in the creation of novelized and cultured society. Wishing you every success.